Monday, 2 November 2015

Cheap Car Insurance Tips

Cheap car insurance is basically the forte around these parts and we’re always happy to pass on the savings we discover to you. Some new, some just worth a revisit, it is important that you read and absorb all the tips we supply you with, if you’re in saving money on your car insurance. Here are this weeks cheap car insurance tips:

Give EFT payments a chance!

We understand the appeal when it comes to mailing in your car insurance payments. It helps you readily balance your check book, you feel like you’re more in control, and it just seems like less of a hassle. In actuality, it’s not a productive way to pay ANY bill, far less, your car insurance bill.

Some companies actually charge for this method of payment, and while it may seem like just five dollars, that’s five dollars of your money that could be better utilized. Check for your provider’s online payment platform options, and investigate their EFT options.

Electronic funds transferal makes payments clean and automatic, freeing up your time and in some cases your cash flow. If you choose to have your car insurance payment deducted from your credit card, if means your actual cash-in-hand is available to you for other important things. EFT payments are also an easier way for car insurance companies to determine your level of commitment or ability to commit to the policy.

Times change, circumstances change, and when you were initially assessed when procuring your car insurance, you may have been considered low-risk.

If things have changed since then, or you miss a couple consecutive payments, you could be revaluated as high-risk. Essentially having an active, validated credit card on file means that your payments will be processed and more importantly, you have a pre-established ability to pay consistently.

Thinking of renting? You may just be able to forego that bit of coverage!

Sure you’ve got yourself a brand new whip and you’ve gone ahead and invested in comprehensive and collision coverage (as well you should for a more valuable vehicle). But there may come that inevitable time when your lifestyle finds you in a position that requires that you rent a vehicle. Luckily, many car insurance companies offer extended coverage to rental vehicles, if the policyholder has comprehensive and collision coverage on their newer/more valuable personal vehicle.

This is an excellent way to save on what can often be a bit of a nagging cost. This particular tip isn’t something that any and everyone can benefit from. We’ve specified newer-car owners or those who have more expensive cars on their policy.

These cars usually require more insurance considerations, and a moderate benefit of said considerations is that certain car insurance companies will cover rental insurance as well. if your car’s more worse for wear and less valuable by comparison, you should go ahead and fork out the extra for rental insurance.

Do you have car insurance questions that we haven’t already covered in this or our previous posts? Feel free to post a comment, and we’ll be sure to provide you with direction to the most appropriate resources. In the mean time, read this week’s post and keep the info in mind!

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