Friday, 13 May 2016

Car Insurance- Add-ons you must have

Driving a brand new car on accident-prone roads can always give you jitters. Road mishaps are common these days. The pleasure of driving could turn into a misery if your car collides with another vehicle or object. Not only you have to pay a hefty amount for its repair, but also face a lot of inconveniences to put back everything in place. Hence, it is advisable to get the car insured and protect it against any kind of fallout on the roads. Car insurance helps you through the post-accident process by providing both financial and medical assistance.

Claim settlement is no longer a tedious process. You can save time and recover all the costs of the damage. There are umpteen coverage’s in an auto insurance plan. So you can select as many as you want depending on your current necessities. Only a solid insurance policy covers accidental losses, non-collision damages, bodily injuries and third party damages.

As an individual, you are already burdened with fuel charges and maintenance costs. Without a car insurance plan, in the event of any kind of accident, the auto repair costs would empty your wallet. Owing an automobile policy is not all that expensive. Although you have to pay a price for maintaining car insurance, you save a lot of money at the time of accident. Your car insurance package is ought to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Coverage for personal accidents or injuries
  • Protection against catastrophic and man-made calamities
  • Liability for the loss of third party property
  • Medical coverage for both the insured and third party
Many private insurance companies offer a host of value-added features to improve the basic coverage. A standard car insurance plan would give you the basic facilities. However, the additional benefits that are included in some policies would help you save some money. There are certain add-ons that would be worth including in your auto insurance plan. Some of these are:

Depreciation reimbursement– A zero depreciation cover is absolutely suitable for expensive cars. It gives you the privilege to receive the full claim after an accident without any deduction for depreciation of the replaced auto parts. It is a full settlement coverage which does not charge anything for the depreciated parts. A basic coverage would charge a lot from the insured for replacing the important parts of the automobile. Many car owners are opting for this service to get optimum benefits under one cover.



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